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How much does Tinybeest cost? 

The Chrome extension is free. The Mac app is free to try for the first 50 images, then is $10 to unlock the full version. Our Slack app is also free. 

Is there a Windows app? 

The Windows version of Tinybeest will be coming very soon. If you would like to beta test the app, please contact us at support at tinybeest. 

Can I adjust the amount of image compression? 

Yes. In the Mac app Preferences, you can adjust the balance between image quality and file size until it’s just right. We don't yet have compression adjustment in the Extension or Slack app. 

Why should I compress images? 

Fast-loading websites are critical for SEO. If your site takes a long time to load, then it's unlikely you're going to rank well. It's very important to make sure your images are optimized, sized correctly, and using the right file format. Tinybeest helps to ensure each of these. 

Can Tinybeest optimize PDF, SVG, JP2, PNG, TIF, GIF, WebP, JPG, and JPEG files? 

Yes. Yes, it can. 

Does Tinybeest optimize animated GIFs? 

Yes. Tinybeest also can convert from GIF to WebP. 

Should my site use WebP images?  

WebP is a really impressive image format that simply compresses better than JPG. That said, it's not universally accepted yet. Currently, Safari is holding out, so if you use WebP like Google PageSpeed recommends, you need to be sure to fall back to JPG for Safari users. 

What's the difference between the Chrome Extension and the Desktop App? 

The Chrome Extension is for users that want to quickly download images from the Web in an optimized size and format. If you want to customize files' size, change their format, rename, or have more control of their compression, then you should use the Desktop App. 

How can I cancel my Tinybeest Pro subscription? 

We're sorry to see you go, but if you would like to cancel your monthly or annual subscription, you can visit this link to unsubscribe.